Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC

BOUNTY HUNTER 4/3                            JASON DELGADO

The fight for Jason Delgado's life and soul began when he was just a boy. He ultimately escaped the death and drugs of a crime-riddled Bronx by way of the United States Marine Corps. However, after earning his way into the esteemed ranks of the service's famed Scout Snipers, Delgado saw that old struggle reignited when he was dumped into the hell of war in Iraq.

There Delgado proved not only a participant, but a warrior capable of turning the tide in several of the most harrowing and historically important battles of the evolving war. He took all the hard lessons learned in combat and, as MARSOC's original lead sniper instructor, made himself a pivotal figure in revolutionizing the way special operations snipers trained and operated. But even after accomplishing his mission in the military, Delgado still faced that original fight, struggling to understand and accept the man his experiences had transformed him into. Bounty Hunter 4/3 is Jason Delgado's captivating first-hand account of these powerful and life-changing experiences.


Jason Delgado gives you an honest look into his life. I say that because after reading his book he speaks of mistakes he made with his family, his marriage, his wanting to be a better father which many do, focusing on his career in the Marines, especially when he made it into scout sniper, then into MARSCO, where he became lead sniper instructor. I knew at the beginning though when he describes what it was like for him and others arriving at Twenty-Nine Palms, the Marine Base there is different especially for anyone from the city going to the desert. Growing up in the desert and being at that base and others you really would like to be sent somewhere else.
When he begins to speak of his training and then his battle experiences you are brought into other books of the true brotherhood of the Marine Corps and also all of the young men and women who have gone off to fight. He has taken his struggles from the Bronx and shown you how he overcame them to join the Marines to once they’re always looking for the next challenge. He even looks at where maybe he should have stayed. Then he goes back to how he can be better for his children and how he hopes somehow, he can make up for his past mistakes as a parent with his oldest daughter. I felt that this was an honest look at himself and the life he has led so far and an excellent book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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