Candy King (Sugar #3)

CANDY KING                                            CHRISTINE D'ABO

For journalist Simone LeBlanc, getting an exposĂ© on the Candy King—the man behind the infamous sugar daddy website—would be her big break. But when she’s suddenly caught up in a sizzling email exchange with the King himself, she’s even hungrier to unwrap her mystery man—and intrigued when she discovers he’s Dylan Williams, son of a prominent Toronto family. She asks Dylan for an exclusive interview and she gets a scandalous offer instead: Let him be her sugar daddy and she’ll get the scoop of a lifetime.
Dylan knows Simone could destroy his family’s reputation. But one look at her delectable beauty and he has to have a taste. Then another. And another. Soon she’s trying to convince him that people find love on his website. As if love had anything to do with the fire that drove them together. But the more Dylan keeps sweet, sexy Simone in his bed, the more the Candy King wonders if he’s found the queen he craves . . .


Simone LeBlanc wants to be taken seriously as a journalist by her boss. He only gives her fluff pieces. Now she goes to him with wanting to find the “Candy King” the person who operates the web site her friend Kayla found her fiancĂ©. Working through all of the clues she also signs up on the site as well.
Dylan Williams the owner-operator of the site wants to make sure he is not outed for his family’s name is very well known in Toronto and it would cause problems to him and the family business. How is he going to stay hidden when you have a journalist like Simone who is so driven?
He finally works out a solution, with that solution comes days of the two of them working closely together and for two people who are already attracted to one another this could be a disaster. It is for he lets her walk away and now you have to see if the man who is afraid will go after the women? A very good story, I also like that the author added in mental health issues, very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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