Christmas with a Cowboy (Longhorn Canyon #5)


Maverick Callahan lives up to his reputation as a freewheeling cowboy. But a year ago he fell head-over-heels for an extraordinary woman he met while on vacation, a woman he was convinced he'd never see again. So when she appears on his doorstep like a Christmas miracle, Maverick is determined not to waste his lucky break.

Bridget O'Malley's world has flipped upside down. As the new guardian of her best friend's baby, she hasn't had a moment to think about the Texas rancher who broke her heart. He's just as sexy as ever, but she knows better than anyone that he's not the settling-down type. As the trees are trimmed and mistletoe hung, will some holiday magic help Bridget trust this carefree cowboy with her heart and her future?


Maverick traveled with his grandmother to Ireland. While there he meets a woman named Bridgett. The two of them found that the bound, connection between them was strong all the way to the bedroom and outside of it as well. Thinking that neither one would see the other one again Maverick is surprised when he sees Bridgett at his grandmother’s ranch. Things are different though with Bridgett now she is the guardian of baby Lela because tragically her friends passed. Though her heart is happy to see Maverick her mind is telling her to stay away, for she can’t be with someone who may end up dead like Lela’s parents. She is thinking about the baby. But will the feelings Maverick has for Bridgett and also the baby be enough to keep him home? Home and happy away from the rodeo and a brand new life. Read this good book to find out. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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