Ice Hot (New York Nighthawks #1)

ICE HOT                                                    TRACY GOODWIN

Christian: They call me a hockey god because I’m a beast on the ice . . . and off. Men want to be me and women just want me. But now that the New York Nighthawks expect me to lead their team to victory, it’s all work and no play. My eyes are on the prize. Until I meet Serena Ellis, a sexy, curvalicious blonde who doesn’t know me from jack. And just like that, I’m hooked.

Serena: I don’t do one-night stands—especially with celebrity jocks who date models. Lots of models. But the god of hockey is a temptation that’s hard for mere mortals to resist. And after the best kiss of my life, I’m ready to throw my one-night stand rule out the window. Except Christian Chase won’t let me. He doesn’t want a one-night stand. He wants it all.


Christian is a hockey God to both men and women. When he goes into a convince store and the moment they meet is brought to us by a blue Slurpee incident. This makes him feel horrible and yet she makes him out to be the one with wobbly feet when not on the ice. You find as the story goes along it is also when he is around her.
Her being Serena who does think he is attractive but figures why would he want to date her? She does not want or need his money but after they kiss she really wants to be with him. Everything would be good except for a player on the team who is jealous of Christian. He is making everything difficult for Serena to be together with him and when items and stories are being posted on the internet about her size he has now crossed the line. Will Christian stand up for her and himself or will he allow the bullying to continue. For the most part, I enjoyed the story and the characters that I did not care for was all of the extra bulling I felt some of it was over the top especially towards Serena but that is just my opinion. Blue Slurpee and everything else this was a good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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