Southern Smoke: Barbecue, Traditions, and Treasured Recipes Reimagined for Today

SOUTHERN SMOKE                                MATTHEW REGISTER

In this book, Matthew teaches the basics of smoking with a grill or smoker. He outlines how to manage the fire for long smoking sessions and shares pitmaster tips for common struggles (like overcoming "the stall" on large pieces of meat). He then explores iconic barbecue regions and traditions:
Start off in North Carolina, the home of slow-smoked pork and tangy vinegar sauce. Other highlights include chicken quarters with church sauce, barbecue potatoes, collard chowder, and pork belly hash.
Travel the Lowcountry, where seafood meets barbecue. Go all out with Frogmore stew, pickled shrimp, and fire-roasted oysters, or sample unique recipes like funeral grits, like pudding, and James Island shrimp pie.
Then take a trip to Memphis and the Delta, a longtime barbecue hub known for dry-rubbed ribs. Other standouts might surprise you! Learn the secrets behind Delta tamales, Merigold tomatoes, okra fries with comeback sauce, and country-style duck.
And, of course, what barbecue spread is complete without baked goods? The final chapter includes everything from skillet cornbread and benne seed biscuits to chocolate chess pie and pecan-studded bread pudding.

Whether you've long been a fan of barbecue or are just starting your own barbecue journey, Southern Smoke offers a unique collection of recipes and stories for today's home cook.


This book opens with how to set up your grill types of wood to use and the difference between each one as in flavors and also the difference between wood and charcoal. He then takes you through the different regions of North Carolina, Memphis, the Delta, and the Low Country. The author gives you many different recipes that are unique to each region. Having visited a few of those places and had their barbeque I can say each one is truly different. Much, much better than having grown up in Southern California dealing with people trying to copy. Now you have recipes for vinegar sauce, a mustard crème sauce which sounded good, also a pork belly sweet potato hash that if you like hash you have to try, made this very good. You also get a Memphis dry rub and BBQ SAUCE. I had to make the Memphis slaw for it reminded my wife and me when we visited there. You also have a dessert section with the author giving you a pie crust recipe in a BBQ book goes figure, win, win. A book for any cook and a must for any person wanting to enhance their skills at the grill or if they are just beginning. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

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