West of Sin

WEST OF SIN                                           WESLEY S. LEWIS

Jennifer Williams hoped her budding relationship with her newly single boss would make this year’s real estate conference bearable. Then she caught her boss in bed with a coworker and sped off into the desert, leaving the conference, the hotel, and the Las Vegas Strip in her rearview mirror.

Lost and alone, she stops for directions at a small-town truck stop and disrupts a robbery in progress. Her presence threatens to escalate the situation, until another bystander—a man running from his own tragic past—steps forward to protect her. She soon learns that the attempted robbery wasn’t what it appeared and that this small town west of Sin City is home to a big secret.


A book that will keep you interested from the first page until the last. Jennifer Williams is in Vegas with her company for a convention but also wanting more from her job and her boss. When she thinks her boss is not giving her the time she needs she decides to go for a drive. The problem is she is not from Vegas, has no idea where she is going. She ends up on a small two-lane road and stopping at a service station convince store. Her day becomes worse here and when she returns to her hotel room in Vegas everything about her day, night and the past 24 hours has gone from preparing for a PowerPoint presentation to trying to save her life and co-worker along with the people she meets after the convince store situation.
Matt who she meets and helps her at the convince store stays with her and they work well together. The author then adds other characters from there and each one adds to the story, even when you think at the beginning of the scene why are they there it all works when you start getting into it. The author has you thinking about multiple items while you are reading which was good. A very good story with very good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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