Billionaire Romance: A Billionaire-Dollar Name (Alpha Males On The Hunt Book 2)


Mary is a shy, pretty young woman with an obsession with extraordinary and unique names. She feels that her own name is unremarkable and plain, and she feels that she, as a person is just as unremarkable and plain as her name is. One day, she meets a sweet, interesting and handsome young man named Constantine Arden. She is fascinated by his name and the two of them end up bonding over their love for literature and the many other interests they share.

Pretty soon, though, Mary realizes that Constantine knows everything there is to know about her, but that she knows very little about him. When she brings this up to him, he suddenly disappears, with no explanation. Then, one day, she sees him on television and discovers that Constantine Arden is NOT who he claimed he was. He is really a billionaire businessman who owns a medical company that has developed a new treatment for cancer.

Mary feels betrayed by him, but cannot deny her love for him. Will they be able to resolve their differences and find true love with each other?

    You can tell that Lucy got a better handle on her voice as though the characters Constantine was more personable than in book one’s Warren. Constantine was, for the most part, tell the truth other than his name. Not just plotting to get her into bed.

     He befriends Mary and he carries this ruse on for five almost six years. Until his secret is about to be made very public. Up until then though he spent every day almost every minute with her at the library where she works.
     Then, after she wanted to know more about him, he starts pulling away and then he’s gone. No calls, or text either. Her heart is broken. Until she is watching T.V. and then sees on there. Now she’s mad.
     I give this: 4 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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