Billionaire Romance: Undercover Billionaire (Alpha Males On The Hunt Book 1)


Who Are You?

Meet Warren, a confident, handsome billionaire who has grown tired of the playboy lifestyle. He is sick of the shallow, gold-digging floozies who only want him for his money and the lifestyle he can provide for them.

He wants to settle down and share his life with a beautiful woman, both inside and out, who will actually love him for who he is. So Warren comes up with a plan—to disguise himself as a lowly janitor in order to find a woman whose heart is pure.

When he meets the lovely Julie, he thinks he may have found exactly what he’s been looking for. But when Julie finds out who he really is, will she want to stay with him, knowing that the man she has fallen for has been lying to her the whole time?

     One thing straight out the shoot the question asked in the synopsis are never answered. Because Warren is never truthful with Julie.
     He's a poor little rich billionaire is tired of all his gold-digging dollies. That is only after one or two things. Money or items. Unlike him only wanting a warm body in his bed. You get as good as you give. You don’t care neither will they.
     So, saying he wants to settle down with someone who wants him for himself is laughable. Especially, when he gets a janitor job undercover and then only scopes out the beautiful sexy women. It really sounds like scoping out new dollies to me.
     I just couldn’t warm up to the tone of Warren’s inner voice and the way he was going about picking a woman not for wife material just screwing material. I give this: 3 stars.
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