NO MORE TALKING (Hearts Are Wild #1)

NO MORE TALKING                           RHIAN CAHILL

He needs to give his all or she’ll accept nothing

A best friend’s little sister story

Hearts Are Wild, Book 1

Freddie Mann had the wildest night of her life with her brother’s best friend, Zac Moreland. But instead of it leading to well, anything, it led to absolutely nothing. And that’s just not on.

Zac Moreland knew he shouldn’t act on the sizzling attraction between him Freddie. It was a dumb idea to risk a lifelong friendship with her brother over a one night stand. But Zac had long been a sucker for Freddie’s charms and risk he did, only to learn that one night was never going to be enough, no matter how hard he tried to keep his distance.

Now, after months of doing everything in his power to avoid Freddie, Zac is ready to admit defeat and ask for mercy.

If only Freddie was feeling merciful. Her eyes are wide open where it comes to Zac and the faster he learns it’s all or nothing the better.

     What do you do when you can’t stop thinking about your best friends little sister? Seeing her at her twenty-third birthday it was like he’d never seen her before. She had grown up, beautiful.
     After watching her from afar and then becoming friends and flirting. Zac doesn’t turn away one night when their flirting gets out of hand. One night of passion, everything but the deed itself happens and then he ghosts her fearing if her brother, West, will find out.
     At West’s wedding, he does see Freddie again. He knows he needs to be with her and touch her like he needs to breathe. She wants him too. But he’ll have to gravel and he knows it. Yet, how will he get around, West? Oh! I don’t know wake up in Freddie’s bed and as you leave the room runs into, West. Too Funny.
     All the characters are just too funny and so real. I loved them. I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon.

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