BROKEN TRUST                                   ALEXIS ASHLIE

Amanda fell in love with Stephan and for a time life was great until it wasn’t.
He’s a serial liar and a cheat and after months of him groveling to get her back after their breakup, promising her that he’s changed, she takes him back.
Something inside her was broken, however, and towering walls were erected around her heart: leading her to do something he never thought she’d ever do.
She slept with Stephan’s brother Elijah.
Elijah and Stephan are day and night, and Elijah’s the living personification of a dark night, he’s mysterious and oozes a secret danger you can’t help being curious about. So when he suddenly acknowledges Amanda’s existence and they fall into bed together, secrets start to seep into the light and her life that she had thought had stabilized, falls off its axis.
Desire is a potent drug, and Amanda just entered a world ruled by it.

      Amanda had gotten too used to being with Stephan her boyfriend of two years.  So, when she caught him cheating, she broke up with him, she planned on a life without him.  He had shattered her, after a month or so she started hearing from him saying he wanted her back.
     She had to admit she missed him.  Well, not him really the idea of a boyfriend really.  She didn’t take him back right away, she made him work for it.  But take him back she does.  Yet, it’s not the same, the trust had been broken and there is a bit of the, “I don’t care what he does,” in her.
     Well, one night she gets drunk and Stephan is nowhere to be found and Elijah his stepbrother who had started hanging around her was circling.  So, when he made a move, she took it and they ended up in bed together.  She enjoyed every minute of it.  Although, she would never tell him that.  It couldn’t happen again.
     Even with everyone telling her to dump Stephan, she kept him she didn’t trust herself to be with Elijah and she couldn’t do that to Stephan.  Not with his own stepbrother.  Even with all of his cheating.
     But when Stephan sends her a text meant for someone else it’s over.  She has no more to give he pushes her over the edge.  The betrayal is so great that she breaks his nose.

     I really enjoyed this story.  I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at  

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