FALLING FOR GRAVITY                   K.K. ALLEN

If I hadn’t considered Amelia dangerous before, I certainly did now. She wasn’t anything like I had expected. Even after all these years—of living so close to her, of listening to her giggle with my sister in the bedroom next to mine—I hadn’t given much thought to my sister’s best friend.

But in the span of one week, everything had changed.



      This is the first time I have read K.K. Allen before and I have to say I enjoyed it and wanted more. This is a prequel so you only get to wet your whistle.

     This book carries the sexy week of camping with her best friend's brother in it. So, you really want to not miss it before moving on to Defying Gravity.

     Now, the year before this takes place goes MIA from college and the basketball team. The Golden child of Malibu has fallen. The last story Trinity tells Amelia is that Tobias did something wrong and ended up in jail.

     Amelia was crushed because she has had a secret thing for Tobias since forever. She couldn’t ever tell Trinity because she said she would dump her as a friend. Needless to say when Tobias returns he is quiet and withdrawn.

     Come to find out when he does a favor for Amelia and they talk, he found out some news that unbalanced his life, that the foundation he lived on felt like quicksand. Those that should love him added to the lies. Then, asked him to lie for them. He then lost sight of his dreams.

     Amelia has no real guidance or support. She thank goodness is a self-motivator and starter. She has a goal in mind, college is not it. She is looking to be on the NBA Lion’s dance squad.

     She goes to try-outs but is six days too early she’s only seventeen she can’t try-out. She can try in the summer. Two hearts lonely during a time when they need someone spring break.

     On Amelia's eighteenth birthday they go camping at Big Sur. See where this trip leads. I give this: 4 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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