Going Dark

GOING DARK                                           JOLENE GRACE

Gabriel Jets is the CIA's top agent, a man with a reputation of getting the job done…no matter the price…

A video depicting the kidnapping of four U.S. journalists working undercover in Damascus, Syria, has surfaced in U.S. journalists and prominent foreign correspondents, Amelia Sinclair’s inbox, and Gabriel Jets, CIA agent and one of the best, is dispatched to collect it.

As he works to secure the video, the White House learns of a terrorist bombing in the central square of Damascus, which leaves 25 innocents dead. Soon, a link between the kidnapping and terrorist attack is discovered, with evidence pointing to Amelia Sinclair, who has direct ties to the missing U.S. journalists.

Despite the evidence, Agent Jets can’t shake the belief that Amelia is being set up to take the fall for something far bigger than either of them. He goes dark, willing to abandon his orders to prioritize Amelia’s safety, along with tracking down the real person responsible for orchestrating a menacing ploy to draw the country into an international scandal and shatter the current presidency.

Jets can no longer trust anyone, and the in the country he swore to protect, nowhere is safe.


The book opens with Amelia Sinclair receiving a video of four foreign journalists being kidnapped from their hotel in Damascus. Amelia is now on everyone list as the person to be taken out. They send in agent Gabriel Jets. When the two of them escape a room in Brooklyn Jets starts to wonder why someone else was there as well to take her out. Later when she is able to show him the entire video, he sees the discrepancies that she had seen from the beginning. After having his handler run through the video as well who comes to the same conclusion, you are now sent on an even higher paced and full of action story than what it was at the beginning.
This book is full of espionage and different forces at play. One someone from the Whitehouse, and from somewhere else, so Jets must go dark by letting them think he is nowhere around. This just adds to the story so once you get started you won’t put it down until the end. A very good book. I received this book from Netglley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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