House of War (Ben Hope #20)

HOUSE OF WAR                                       SCOTT MARIANI

Following a chance encounter with a terrified young woman in the streets of Paris, former SAS soldier Ben Hope finds himself hurled into a violent new mission involving murder, international terrorism, and stolen historic artifacts. A mission made even more perilous by the reappearance of an old enemy from Ben’s military past. A man he knew and fought years ago. A man he thought was dead.

Teaming up with the enigmatic ex-Delta Force warrior Tyler Roth, Ben travels from the seedy underworld of Paris to the islands of the Caribbean in his quest to piece together the puzzle.

As the death toll quickly mounts, he unmasks a vicious terror plot that could bring about the slaughter of millions of innocent people. Mass destruction seems just a hair’s breadth away … and only Ben Hope can prevent the unthinkable.


Ben Hope comes in contact with a woman in Paris and by doing so he also sees someone he thought was killed many years ago. Now he must find the man but also find out what he was doing at a museum. Ben contacts old friend with computer skills, and also reaches out to a former soldier who was Delta Force for help along the way.
Without giving away the plot this is full of action, intrigue and will keep you guessing with the different characters along the way. A fast-paced book that was a good read for me since I had never read this author before. He made the story entertaining and worth the time to read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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