When they find out who I am, they always want to know what it’s like to f*ck a billionaire. Screw that. I’ve got a kid to take care of.

It’s true what they say: money can’t buy happiness. I can’t trust anybody, especially not all these gold diggers lining up outside my office. I don’t need another bimbo as my secretary–I’ve had more than enough already.

No. This time, I need someone who can take care of what I cherish the most in this world: my baby girl. My new nanny is the only good thing that happened to me and my daughter ever since my ex-wife left me.

But here’s the problem: I want her. She’s the most beautiful, most desirable woman I’ve ever seen–and I’ve seen a lot! I can’t risk it all. Giving in to the temptation could ruin everything... but I can’t help it: I’m falling for her.

This is part 1 out of 4 and there’s a cliffhanger. For a mature audience only.


     I thought this to be an interesting boss-employee relationship. It happened rather quick and Hollie seemed unsure as to what her duties were. Jude was rather controlling.
     Understand he is worrying about his ex-popping up out of nowhere but wow. And that Hollie works 24/7 when does he plan on being a parent? The whole time he never picks up the baby. Then, he puts Hollie on restriction because she had a friend around his daughter without permission.
     He had added the sex into the mix cause the blurred lines. I enjoyed this. I got it free on Amazon. Enough to continue the series. No, not when the four could have made two whole books. I give this: 5 stars.
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