EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (The Donovans #5)


Go to Vegas… Accidentally marry a good girl…

Logan Cross has nearly destroyed his career with his bad-boy antics, and marrying his best friend’s little sister, Jezebel, has to be the stupidest thing he’s ever done. Now he needs a quickie divorce so that he can get back to cutting ties with his father’s record label. But when he discovers that the only way to get free of Dad is to be married, Logan is forced to hold on to that curvy wife. How far will he go for money?

Go to Vegas… Accidentally marry a Rockstar…

When plus-sized model, Jezebel Donovan goes to Vegas for a job, the last thing she expects is to wake up married to the one man she loathes. Now she needs a quickie divorce and all will be right with her world. But when a family crisis leaves her niece in an orphanage, Jezebel is forced to hold on to that rock star husband. How far will she go for family?


Another Free find on Amazon and for sure an author I would read again.  This is a four hundred plus page book but the percentage of positive reviews I had to see for myself if they were right.  I was not disappointed at all.
     I love large family interactions out of love, check.  Family drama and mystery, check.  Steamy bedroom and who knows where else, check.  Alphas, check.  Friend drama, check.  Love and HEA, check.
     Nana has a gift for writing that is for sure and so refreshing.  Her characters kept me reading, they are all so quirky.  Now at one time these two Jezzie and Jason, a plus-size model on location and a Rockstar for a concert, and after talking with one of Jezzie’s brothers, Derek was told she was there in London and to look her up.
     So, on a free day for them both they decide to do all the touristy things.  They have a great time but when they meet in Paris things go south.  Jezzie offers her virginity and he turns her away.  Crushing her nineteen-year-old heart.
     Now, she’s twenty-two in Vegas on location again.  Finds out heart-wrenching news and doesn’t really want to party.  But her evil BFF and manager are having none of that because they believe she is heartbroken over her ex who dumped her over text recently.  Nope, not it.
     So, BFF and their manager drag her to a concert not knowing the headliner she goes.  Then she sees him, she’s floored.  It’s when they make eye contact and he starts to sing the song he wrote about her ‘Jezebel’ that she has to leave.  They end up at the bar.
     When Jason goes to the same bar after the concert it’s all about Jezzie’s hurt and anger.  Deep down knowing it’s a mad crush and embarrassment.  For Jason, he feels an attraction but he can’t, it’s his BFF’s little sister…
     You will enjoy this.  I will say there were times I thought, “I wish I read all the other books to understand the dynamics of all the siblings better.  They are mostly adopted and you really wouldn’t know it as you are reading, they are so tight. 
     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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