PLAY IT SAFE (York Bombers #5)

PLAY IT SAFE                                    LISA B. KAMPS

Aaron Malone knows one thing: hockey. It's been his calling and his salvation, seeing him through life's challenges--from a marriage that should have never happened and a divorce that left him gutted, to the loss of his two daughters when his ex-wife moved out of state. When a tragic accident forces him back into the role of fatherhood, he struggles to be the father his daughters need--even if he's not the parent they want.

Savannah Weber has everything she wants in life: a successful career, an energetic social life, and a sexy, brooding neighbor who has a recurring part in her nighttime fantasies. What she's never had is a family of her own--and she's convinced herself she doesn't want one. When she sees Aaron struggling to balance life with his daughters, she finds herself being drawn in to help--against the wishes of the two young girls.

They say that two is company and three is a crowd. Can these four come together to make a family and live happily-ever-after? Only if two lonely souls are willing to take a chance instead of playing it safe.


     When a family crisis hits a family hard it blindsides everyone leaving everyone spinning.  Aaron a semi-pro hockey player is used to taking some hard hits, but he did not expect to get the call he did.  He got word that his ex-wife and her lover were killed in a drunk driving accident.
     Now, he needs to figure out how to bring them back to his home state and get acclimated to his lifestyle and career.  Just one minor problem his, eldest daughter being a teen barely, Brooke, hate life, and him and tells him multiple times a day.
     Isabelle is only ten is just scared and sad one to lose another parent, and that her big sis now hates her.  Now, they need to start new schools and new friends.  How do you do that when your dad is semi-famous?
     But what that are also seeing bloom is the friendship and maybe more from the neighbor next door.  Miss Savannah.  Aaron really likes her because she seems to calm his nerves when he’s at his wit’s end.  She is able to laugh even at himself.  Something he doesn’t do much of anymore is laugh.
     As they become closer and Aaron even invites her to a game and out to drinks with the team after, he has the team ragging him.  The reason being they’re telling him she is his girlfriend.  He says no just his neighbor.  But he knows she’s more but he can’t go there.
     The whole time Aaron can’t seem to allow himself to be free of the past.  Mainly his ex’s past.  He feels the shame she never did.  He pushes Savannah away the one person who gives him joy outside of the family.
     This is a fast read and filled with laughter and turmoil too.  I give this: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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