My One True Cowboy (River Ranch #4)

MY ONE TRUE COWBOY                       SORAYA LANE

When Angelina Ford returns home to her family’s sprawling Texas ranch, she’s hiding a secret from her super successful siblings. With her business empire left in tatters back in Los Angeles, the former high-flying lawyer has nothing and she doesn’t want anyone back home to know.

But a chance encounter with her childhood best friend, Logan Brody, changes everything. The soldier turned rancher has been to hell and back himself, and he refuses to leave her to lick her wounds and be miserable.

Neither Angelina nor Logan wants to risk their friendship, but when sparks start to fly, everything changes. And Angelina is left wondering if her big city life is everything it’s cracked up to be, or if happiness has been waiting at home in Texas for her all along.


Angelina Ford has come home because her father is sick and everyone believes he is sicker than what he is telling everyone. Now home she is also keeping a secret from her father and her family she is feeling disappointed in herself and her business which has failed. Now she does not know how to tell everyone.
Meanwhile, Logan her best friend and now running the family farm is back home from the military and when they finally met up and start catching up, they run into an issue of a life long attraction to each. Do they act on it and if so, will it change their friendship?
With all of the different characters and the storyline between all of the characters, this story will keep you going from start to finish with the different storylines all of the good. With also a very good ending. A very good book. I received this book from I gave 4 stars. Follow us at

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