Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2)

COWBOY COME HOME                         CARLY BLOOM

Some cowboys aren't cut out to be Prince Charming---and Claire Kowalski knows that better than anyone. She gave her heart to Ford Jarvis two years ago, yet that didn't keep him from disappearing into the sunset. Now that he's back in Big Verde, Texas, she's determined not to make the same mistake twice. But the ruggedly sexy cowboy still knows how to push all her buttons, and avoiding him is nearly impossible when she needs his help.

Ford didn't plan on returning home---ever---but when he hears that the Kowalski ranch is in trouble, he hightails it back to town. He's not eager to be reminded of the life he can never have, but his time in Big Verde is only temporary. He'll stay long enough to get the ranch up and running, then hit the road again. But when Ford finds out the new foreman he's training is Claire, still as stubborn and beautiful as ever, this cowboy is going to have to decide what matters most---repeating the mistakes of the past or fighting for a future with the only woman he's ever loved...


Claire Kowalski is the only child of Gerome and Lilly Kowalski she also at twenty is wanting to have what her friends have married and started a family. Her problem is that there is no one on her horizon. The one guy she hoped would stick around would be Ford, but that was not to be.
Ford is back on the ranch as the foreman for six weeks and wouldn’t you know it, he knows that because it is raining that she will get stuck trying to cross the stream. The problem becomes the stream is a river and flash floods are being called and he found her by the river not in her car which was down the river.
Ford loves Claire but he feels he is cursed and that all of the men in his family are. When he finds out along with Claire that her father is thinking about selling the ranch Ford decides to help her with how to be a foreman. She also is looking for other ways to help the ranch she came up with different ways. Her biggest problem was that Ford did not come back when he said he was going to and she has been running herself ragged.
When Ford finally does show up back in town he is not welcomed with open arms. He is though given a salute with a nerf gun. He is let back into the group again without having to work for it. This was a good story with very good characters and a lot of unique and different situations. One book that I think many people will enjoy. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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