ROOMIES (Roomies #1)

ROOMIES                                            KENNEDY KELLY

Three Roommates.
Two Guys.
One Love.
For Lexi, dodging her roommates' attempt to land her the guy of her dreams isn't easy, especially since those roommates are goofball Travis and Sexy-as-sin Nathan.
When yet another blind date turns into a disastrous nightmare, all bets are off.
Now Lexi must decide if it’s worth it to pretend not to crave the love of her life, knowing, in the end, it could destroy what they already have, or keep on fooling everyone.


     Very quick read.  That seemed to carry the sweetness of a love story in a short amount of pages.  Was it odd and different?  Yes, and that is what I loved it.
     You had that titillation of the chase, that “What if?”  Could the flirtation I think I’m getting and feeling be there feeling. Turns out Lexi and Nathan have been holding back real grownup feelings.
     So, glad Kennedy didn’t try to sell us on our goofy character Travis being the love interest, that boy has a tapeworm is all I got to say.  He’s a player and everyone knows it and goes with it.  Tall, sexy, and of so flirty.
     Nathan is more your alpha male, sexy, and low key.  He is a man who watches after Lexi to make sure she is safe and protected.  He is aware of how much she does for him and Travis.  He too likes to flirt but mainly with Lexi lately.
     When the guys find out she is going on a blind date because her B.O.B. is not enough they are not happy. Right the guys who have stables of girls, are not happy, but especially, Nathan.  He offers to help her out with her needs.  She takes as he is willing to take one for the team.
     When the date turns out to be a date from hell, she is so glad Travis butted in and suggested the restaurant and the crashed it.  See where and how Nathan makes things right and becomes her man.  It is very sweet.  I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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