Swipe Right for a Cowboy (Riverrun Ranch, #1)


Uptown girl Emmaline Claiborne needs a man, and not just any man. She needs the kind of man who can make her lying, cheating, no-good ex-boyfriend insane with jealousy. The same ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to her sister, and whose extravagant wedding she must suffer through in just three weeks’ time.

She selects the perfect candidate through an online dating app, but instead of the smooth, sophisticated software magnate she expects, a rugged cowboy shows up instead. He’s the complete opposite of everything Emma is looking for. In fact, he’s exactly the kind of man she swore to her Texas ranching family she would never fall for.

Which makes Cort Channing kinda perfect. Only before the weekend is over, Emma finds herself wishing she could keep her fake boyfriend, spurs, chaps, and all. Can this committed city girl take the biggest chance of her life, and swipe right for a cowboy?


Received this book from Tule Publishing
Emmaline Claiborne is living in New York City and is waiting at a bar to wait for the date that she has arranged on a dating site. She is hoping that it turns out okay so she can talk him into going with her to Texas for her sister’s wedding which is coming up.
Watching the door, she sees a good-looking man walk in and she knows for sure that he is a true cowboy from his hat to his boots. What she is wondering is why said cowboy is in a New York City bar and not in Texas on a horse. If she was back in Texas where she grew up, he would be a perfect date, but he was not the man she chose on the dating site.
Cort Channing walks across the bar towards Emmaline and only wishes he had different news to deliver to her. He also wished she lived in Texas for he finds her extremely good looking. When he sits down next to her Emmaline is surprised to find out that he knows her name. what comes next is equally surprising. The man she swiped on the site is not showing up and Cort did not want her to be waiting by herself. After explaining why her date will not show up, she suddenly comes up with a plan, an idea and asks Cort to escort her to her sister’s wedding in Texas. Oh, did I mention that her sister is marrying Emmaline’s ex who broke up with her to marry her sister instead of her?
This is her and Cort’s story and how she and her family will all come together along with Cort who wants to be with her. A good story with good characters. I received this book from Tule publishing. Gave it 4 stars. Follow us www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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