Sugar Ain't So Sweet


National bestselling author, Naleighna Kai, brings a story of a wife who's fed up with everything and everyone. Shannan overhears a conversation that forces her to walk out on her husband, seven children, and a successful career to find a sense of peace that has eluded her for years. She thought fate had been kind in giving her a husband who adored her. But she soon discovered fate had pulled a fast one, as her husband’s nearly impossible demands and those from his unrelenting family have pushed her to an edge where there might be no return.

Zach has screwed up—royally. With his family following his lead in not appreciating Shannan, his wife shows him that since he can’t respect her presence, she’ll introduce him to her absence. Determined to win back the woman who is his anchor, first, he must find a way to deal with his overbearing family and disrespectful children that doesn’t cause him to lose more than he gains. While fighting to win back his wife, he’s forced to face some hard truths and family secrets that might mean he’ll lose Shannan forever.


I received this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.
A story that grabbed me from the first few sentences. Shannon overhears her mother-in-law, Monique, telling her son Zach who is married to Shannon and together they have seven children together, that by her Monique finally faking a heart attack has gotten that heifer to start acting right. This is while a Sunday meal is to be severed and Monique had been outside mowing the yard and overheard them talking through an open window.
She then goes upstairs packs a bag and leaves. She then comes back after calling her daughter and has her and the youngest child meet her outside then leaves to her mother’s home. Gone it is awhile before Zach even realizes that she has left. When he goes and gets his youngest two children you find out later that the boys pass off all of the housework to the girls. The oldest one actually missed school until the grandmother comes and picks up the two girls.
Zach has to know clue how to treat a woman and most importantly how to be in a relationship. He thinks he should do nothing while his wife is doing everything and also brings more money into the household. She also does his brother's laundry; she has some words to say about that as well.
Shannon comes into her own and finds her voice again and also awakens her marriage and for some who need to stand up to their mothers for she is not the one you’re sleeping with. For me being married for over 40 years, I actually liked this book and the characters. A very good story, and worth the read. I received this book from Tule publishing. Follow us at

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