All I Wanna Do Is You

ALL I WANNA DO IS YOU                      DYLANN CRUSH

Reagan Campbell's flight just got grounded. She's planned her brother's perfect wedding weekend down to the minute, but her checklist didn't include running into the one guy she's never been able to get over. Only two things stand between her and the Florida Keys: fifteen-hundred miles and the man who broke her heart.

Zach Anderson has a score to settle with Senator Campbell. And running into his daughter, Reagan, gives him just the opportunity he needs. But it'll take more than planes, trains, and automobiles to get her all the way to Florida in one piece. He might not be able to keep his hands off her cupcakes, but will he be able to keep his heart out of the way long enough to exact his revenge?


Reagan Campbell has planned the perfect wedding for her brother in Florida. The problem is that she did not leave with them she decided to leave latter by herself. Now at the airport waiting she just so happens to fun into her high school boyfriend.
Zach Anderson has not seen or spoken to Regan since after the night in the closet and then when a friend tried to go to her father and talk him out of money yet the father believed it was Zach’s idea and threatened him and Zach’s father. Now seeing her for the first time in years he finds himself still attracted to her. What she does not know is that he has been hired to take photos of her brother's wedding for a rag magazine and if her father is having an affair.
Really though the story begins when they have to debark from the plane in Louisville. It is here that she not only has her lounge lost but finds out that she left her wallet on the plane. Having to spend the night with Zach has only heightened her anxiety to a new level. Wait though she is able to go much higher. The next morning when she thinks she will be checking in to board the plane. She can’t no I.D. stepping from the TSA agent she makes the mistake of saying now the wedding will blow up, just explode with her not there. Yes, she gets striped search and not by Zach.
They or Zach rents a car and the trip to Florida is a hoot, and a finding of each other with tattoos, piercings that he has which is a surprise to her and also something nice. People they meet a dog, she works on her fear of heights and yes eventually arrives, even that way is funny. What is not funny is the way Zach is treated and how I was rooting for him and Reagan to be together. Wanting her to stand up to her controlling father. Did not like how he used his own son and then tossed him to the side. Read this fun story to see what happens. Very much worth the read.

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