Hadley Beckett's Next Dish


When Max experiences a very public temper tantrum, he's sent packing to get his life in order. When he returns, career in shambles, his only chance to get back on TV and in the public's good graces is to work alongside Hadley.

As these polar-opposite celeb chefs begin to peel away the layers of public persona and reputation, they will not only discover the key ingredients for getting along, but also learn the secret recipe for unexpected forgiveness . . . and maybe even love. In the meantime, hide the knives.

Fan-favorite Bethany Turner serves up a heaping helping of humor and romance with this thoroughly modern story centered on cooking, enemies, and second chances.


It is down to the last two contestants on the celebrity cooking show. Chef Max Cavanagh believes he will win because he is the won with multiple Michelin stars and a top-rated show. His star shines bright and he lets everyone know, over and over. Chef Hadley Beckett has her own show and at one time even liked chef Max, that is until he began by not calling her by her name, making fun of southern food, the list goes on and on. Then to top it all she wins the competition and Max begins to make a bigger fool than he already has come across to the audience.
When the show finishes Hadley star is raising and signs with a new agent get perks for her show and start off big. Then one day after months of falling off the grid Max shows up and apologizes. She accepts but wonders what he is up to. What he sees though is that she is really the real deal. That the way she acted on the show is just her. He becomes hooked with her southern charm and falls in love with her. The one big problem how can she love him?
Telling her where he was is a start also, they are both asked to be on a show together which they agree. Here is the kicker you find out that they also have the same agent and Max starts not only taking his career back he does so because he is in love and knows what is happening is wrong, he still must get Hadley to admit to him. This is a wonderful book from start to finish. I liked all of the characters and the ending was just as good as the beginning. Very much worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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