My Wedding Date (Wedding Whisperer #1)

MY WEDDING DATE                               SUSAN HALTER

Erica Conner is a carefree yoga instructor who is fine going solo to her friend’s wedding until her uptight ex’s mother tells her he’ll be attending with his new fiancĂ©e. When she pities Erica for not having a plus-one, the criticism triggers Erica to pretend her wedding date is the new guy from yoga class who has been very friendly toward her lately.

Josh Taylor overhears Erica claiming he’s her wedding date and decides to play along. While he impresses her nemesis by revealing he’s a successful corporate guy, Erica’s excitement about him sinks since her ex is a workaholic who never prioritized her. As Erica debates asking Josh out for real, he requests a shocking favor in exchange for being her wedding date: that she help him win back his ex-girlfriend.

Erica is disappointed but agrees to the deal. As she plays Josh’s girlfriend in front of his ex to make him seem like marriage material, she discovers he’s ambitious, but also caring and supportive. While on their fake dates, she’s laughing and having fun and finally comfortable being herself around a guy for the first time ever.

As their faux relationship grows, Erica loses her heart to Josh. And when he spontaneously kisses her she doesn’t know if it’s for show or for real. If Erica risks her heart and reveals her feelings to Josh, will he turn her down? Or will he be her wedding date for real, and maybe the love of her life?


Erica Conner is a yoga instructor and for the most part, her life is okay. She would like Josh Taylor who is new to her class, to ask her out then her day would be better. What she was not expecting was her former boyfriends’ mother to walk in and them to have to put up with her constant rambling about her ex and his new girlfriend. To the point of saying that she and Josh are dating and he will be taking her to the upcoming wedding.
Josh coming out of the locker room overhearing the conversation comes up and saves her by acting like her boyfriend with funny pet names that they are calling each other. After the woman leaves, he asks her to help him make his ex-jealous in order to win her back. Plus, he will be her date for the wedding. When they go on the first fake date you realize were the real attraction is. The author though must first work out the details between the two characters. Each has a past that they each must make sure is gone and in the past.
Many funny moments, with Josh going with her to her Grams bingo game, her Gram mother is a real hoot. Along with the dog that Josh adopts, especially when he pushes the chair to get on it to get the food on the counter. Our dog does that also. I liked how she always was questioning herself and then when her ex came to her she repeatedly was telling him, no but he was so dense. She also liked what her mother had to say as well. This was a very good story and very much worth the read. Liked all of the characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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