FORGETTING THE BILLIONAIRE (A Clean Billionaire Romance #1)


A sweet adult romance.

Charlie Rosen had no intention of falling in love. In fact, it was the last thing on her mind. Between keeping the retirement home afloat and caring for two residents with dementia, she doesn’t have the time. Plus, her heart was broken from her last relationship.

Mitchell Kingsley had finally located his grandmother after his parents cut all ties with her years ago. He leaves his multi-billion dollar real estate business in New York and flies to Sitka with the intention of making amends before she passes. When he meets Charlie, his grandmother’s intriguing caretaker, he starts to think she just might be what’s missing in his life.

When his grandmother mistakes Mitchell for his father and Charlie for his elusive girlfriend, they decide it's best to fake a relationship for her sake. Sparks fly, ex’s return, and Mitchell’s grandmother begin to remember. Now they both must decide if love is worth all the risks.


Charlie is one determined young woman left with a huge responsibility filled with love but heartache too. At the same time, she is still dealing with the loss of her own grandma less than a year ago. Yet, she has left her the retirement home in Sitka, Alaska.

There are like six guests but two they have dementia that seems to be costing her the most pain Rose & Francis because they were her grandma’s best friends. Being that she was raised in this home after her parents passing it is very personal.

The thing is she is way over her head as far as keeping the books and whatnot. So, she has had to take on a waitressing job to try and make ends meet. On this day it’s not even working she spills water on a customer and gets fired along with her several times being late. When it’s said and done and she tells him off little does she know that they will meet again?

You see this sexy stranger is Rose’s long-lost grandson. You will. I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon.

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