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Sabrina Willow is a marketing executive with her life in order, except for her love life, it's awful. Every blind date is a mess, and the last man stood her up. That was until she met the bull rider in the bar, both are drowning their sorrows in a bottle of tequila, one night of drunken sex will change their lives forever. Gavin Jones has traveled the world riding bulls and wooing women and has made a name for himself. He is full of himself, women fall over themselves to get just one night with him, and he knows it. He lives his life his way by his rules on his timing until he goes home on a drunken whim with Sabrina and gets a little too arrogant in the arena. Can this career-minded couple put an unborn child before their wants or will their bond grow into an unending love affair of the heart?

I am never expecting anything when I read a book because I don’t want to be disappointed or pass judgment before I read it. Especially so when it comes to a short. I would have given it a full five stars but I never did bond with Gavin’s character. This was a one and done or at least it was supposed to be. But the rabbit died, wow, dating myself.

Granted Gavin has been dealing with a lot. Since that night he had gone dark but for a major reason one that affects the rest of his life. Sabrina has to though one she thinks she is going to have to do alone since she can’t reach the baby daddy, she thought she had a connection with. As much as he said he was into Sabrina, the nuts and bolts of the matter are he didn’t truly believe her. Thanksgiving Day said it all when his mom said, “You gotta stop hiding away.” Bringing my thoughts to the weekend of the reveal where he didn’t want to tell his family and hide it.

It wasn’t until his family was threatened that reality hits, that yes, they are both his family. Because logically what would a woman who makes more bank than him, want to seek out a broken-down cowboy, and who lives in a totally different state want him as her baby daddy? Yet, after her saying those three little words, him asking her to marry him, he still never utters the words till much later.

I know it sounds like he doesn’t have any redeeming qualities, he does. He showed her the three little words but sometimes a girl needs to hear them. When there was a threat to her he handled it his cowboy way, protecting her, his family, his way. In the end, it all works out it was fast enjoyable with a little suspense. A HEA. Free on Amazon. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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