Restart in Bristol (Racing Hearts of Serenity #3)

RESTART IN BRISTOL                           SEDONA HUTTON

Veterinarian Holly Nicholson longs to put down roots. And with a growing practice and pending nuptials to a handsome doctor, her dream future is finally within reach. But when her NASCAR racing high-school steady rolls into town, Holly’s heart takes an off-track excursion.

Curtis “CC” Clark burned out from life in the fast lane. Switching gears, he moves to a small town in search of some cosmic signpost to reveal his destiny and crosses paths with the only girl he’s ever loved. But he’s worried fate sent him into the pits when he finds out she’s engaged.

Between working at the same animal shelter and her engagement crumbling, Holly can feel old desires stirring. But before they can pick up speed, CC gets his big chance for a high-profile comeback. And returning to the road may mean giving up his beloved forever.

Can CC and Holly find common ground and take their love across the finish line?

Restart in Bristol is the third standalone novel in the Racing Hearts in Serenity contemporary romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and a touch of new-age spirituality, then you’ll adore Sedona Hutton’s fun, sexy romance.


Holly Nicholson has always wanted to put roots down somewhere. Now a veterinarian she has moved back to the town where she spent most of her childhood. Buying the old vets house and practice she is excited about the new start she is also engaged to a doctor, so for her everything is going well. That is until she sees Curtis “CC” Clark her high school sweetheart and how everyone thought she would have ended up with. Now here he is working on the fence of the place she just bought and still looking good, better than good.
CC is back home after ten years on the NASCAR truck series and after his team owner decided to fold. Now trying to decide what to do he is back working with his father and brother in their construction business. He still wants to race through. His heart stops several beats though when he sees Holly the one woman he has always loved. He begins with still blaming her for their break up. Later in the book,he is apologizing for it to her. Especially when he hears why she broke up with her fiance.
Holly still wants to be with “CC” what she does not want is the travel and moving around. She wants one place especially after he starts driving with a team and what she starts doing is pulling away. She thinks her only solution to the issue is not to be with him instead of finding a way to make it work since all he is asking is for her to be open, they both need to give a little. Read this good story to see what happens. There are moments where I felt this drag a little other than that it was good. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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