ABOUT THAT NIGHT                            ASHLYN MATTHEWS

He’s my longtime crush. My best friend. The guy I thought would stay in my life forever. Rhys Miles. Inky jet-black hair. Intense hazel eyes. Sexy. Reckless. Willowbrook’s very own homegrown supercross star. He was everything to me until two defining moments drove us apart.

When he returns home for his grandmother’s funeral and a snowstorm blows in, keeping him in town longer than he likes to stick around, I grab at my chance to get back what we lost and possibly more. But are we ready to talk about that night?

Previously published title: If Only


Asa has become fast friends with an upperclassman, Rhys. He finds her wandering the halls after school. Once again, her parents had moved, meaning a whole new school and classmates for her.

You see things tended to be hard enough with her having quite shyness and tomboy ways. It makes everything better when she finds out Rhys lives next door to her with his grandma Jo.

Asa and Rhys are closer than close. Until, one party when it changes both their lives. The effects on their relationships and those they love, rocks. The foundation of friendship during this whole past year. They both have their reasons but can they get past their stubbornness and fears to talk things out? An overly complex couple and situation as well.

I give this: 5++++ stars. I found free on Amazon. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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