FREEING FAITH                            BEVERLY PEARSON

An Alpha Cop and Curvy Girl Romance, with some twists and turns along the way.

Clint Beckford

Clint had always known being a cop wouldn't be anything like it showed on the television, but the last case had been particularly difficult. Having to check on a simple break-in seems like the simple enough call to duty until he meets Faith. It has been a long time since his heart raced like this! Clint quickly discovers the ex has a hold over Faith and isn’t ready to let go. Can he figure it out and win Faith’s heart, or is this another relationship doomed to failure?

Faith Perkins

Faith has avoided relationships, painfully aware of what happens to anyone who gets close to her. She knows that she has to do what her ex says, or the consequences are just too painful. But then she meets Clint, an honest cop with an alpha edge and eyes that reach right into her soul. She can feel herself melting. Despite knowing her ex is going to cause trouble, she starts to date Clint, hoping he can be the one to save her. Will it all be one step too far for all of them?

This is a Suspenseful, Sweet, Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the first book in The Arrested Love Series. If you love short romances with love at first sight, some twists and suspense, and a sweet story, then you’ll love this one.


Clint & Ron gets called out to a home invasion with the homeowner in the home. They rush over to find Faith the homeowner completely shaken up. To the point where she asked to see ID. Clint right away shows right away that he is aware of the beauty of her eyes yet the fear he sees in them.

She explains the intruder was her ex. He enters her home, which used to be theirs, uninvited. They argued with him chasing her into her room with a kitchen knife. As she is talking it is all Clint can do to focus because he is so taken with her. She is a curvaceous full-figured woman that knows how to dress her curves.

The chemistry of the two characters is great. The story then tried to be suspenseful, found itself disjointed somehow. The way it ends left me feeling at odds. I am asking more questions and wondering if Clint didn’t need to join Colin behind bars.

I give this: 3 stars. I found this free on Amazon. 

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