BRETT                                             RUBY ROSE


If the perfect woman existed, surely I would have met her by now. But it seems almost impossible, so I’ve decided to dedicate myself to the one thing I can count on, climbing.

Nothing makes me feel more exhilarated than sweating it out, training hard, and reaching those mountain peaks.

Of course, I’d love someone to share that thrill with me, but I’ve seen how dangerous love can be, and despite having women interested in me, I’m not one for one-night-stands.

So it’s just me and me. The woman I need just doesn’t exist.


My friends might be settling down with the loves of their lives, but I’m the one taking care of the kids while I work my butt off for the job of my dreams.

Sure, I’ve started asking myself when will be the right time, but I can’t let that distract me.

Emily, who is my friend's Dax's wife showed me his picture, and man, was he gorgeous. I’ll meet him, OK. But that’s all, one date, at the most.

I mean, who would want a girl like me anyway?

Brett is the second standalone short romance read in the Alpha Climbers series. All books can be enjoyed separately, but the stories are interconnected. This insta-love romance short story features a mountain climber alpha male and a curvy woman he never thought he would find. If you love a protective and passionate alpha male and his curvy beauty love, this is the perfect one hour short reads love story for you!


Tiana was working toward a goal and seeing herself as a curvy woman gave her-self-doubt. Being busy with school to be a therapist and working to live in a run-down apartment as well. Add to that payback of student loans, it leaves no time to even think about dating. But, now that Emily, her best friend, and her hubby, Dax is pregnant with their second child they need help.

So, Tiana can quit the job she had to be a nanny for Liam. She will have better hours, pay, and life. With that said it also gives her friends more time to fix her up with Dax’s friend, Brett. Yes, he is a sexy, large mountain of a man, who thinks Tiana is sexy.

Dax and he opens an indoor rock-climbing business and Tiana is there helping care for, Liam. The two find sparks between them during the time they are together. Their time together over a course of a couple of weeks passes. You find out this alpha male is not as confident as you may think of him to be.

The ridiculously cute premise for this short. Quick to read. I give this: 5 stars. I found free on Amazon. Follow us at

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