Cowboy Wild (Tangled Up in Texas #3

COWBOY WILD                                             MICHELLE BEATTIE

Kara Montgomery didn’t plan on being a runaway bride but even years of bowing to her parents' expectations can't bring her to marry a man she doesn't love. Choosing to take her planned vacation doing things she's always dreamed of, Kara heads to the closest rodeo.

Finding a woman in his stock trailer isn't uncommon for tie-down roper Cam Granger. Finding one holding a wedding dress is. When Cam learns of Kara's desire to experience life on a ranch, he does something he's never done before; he takes a woman home.

Working with Cam feeds her soul in the way her career never did; Kara feels like she truly belongs.

Hot kisses and passionate lovemaking dispel the doubts crowding in Cam's head, but, when their worlds collide, he wonders if a woman of her class and means could ever be happy with a cowboy. While Cam fears tying Kara down might not be a possibility after all, Kara is faced with a heart-wrenching ultimatum that is sure to leave her shattered.


I received this book from BOOK BUB and TULE PUBLISHING for an honest review.

Kara Montgomery is not feeling right on the day of her wedding. She has been doing everything for her parents since her older brother was killed years ago in service. She changed her major in college for one, there have been other things but today marrying someone who she does not love because it looks right, no she is tired and done. She does the only rational thing she can do she leaves. The ride in the cab leaves her at the rodeo which she has been wanting to take in for some time.
Once the rodeo is over, she heads for the trailer which she left her dress at. It is there that Cam Granger finds her in his horse trailer. Cam a tie-down roper and winner for the day is putting away one horse when he spots a woman and then is interrupted by another cowboy. He let him use the other horse he brought since that cowboy’s horse had a leg issue.
Seeing that he would do something like that Kara accepts a ride from Cam and eventually ends up at his family ranch. He explains the family dynamics. The longer she stays with them the closer the two of them become. She also begins to get attached to the family but also knows she must deal with her own parents. His question is will she come back to the ranch or will she stay in the city? What will happen when she confronts her parents? These and other questions will be answered when you read the book. One that is good and has very characters with some funny scenes as well as serious. A very good book. I received this book from TULE PUBLISHING I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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