Montana Cowboy Romance (Wyatt Brothers of Montana #1)


After the only woman Joe Wyatt ever loved marries another, the Montana rancher swears off romance. He's done playing the game. Only problem? He needs a wife, and kids he can pass the Paradise Valley cattle ranch to. So Joe takes the same no-nonsense approach to marriage as he does to running his family’s business...he places an online ad for a mail-order bride. The ad is a lot like Joe, straight-forward and to-the-point: Wife Wanted.

When Sophie Correia is left at the altar after her groom runs off with her maid of honor, she wants to get as far away from California and her dairy farming family as possible. Sophie doesn't need hearts and flowers, but she's fed up with men who can't commit. And at thirty, she's more than ready to start a family. When she comes across Joe's ad, she thinks she's found the perfect solution — head to Montana, get married, and move forward.

Can a contract for marriage lead to love, or will the arrangement cost them their hearts?



The title, cover, and synopsis. Joe Wyatt has left the rodeo circuit to run the family ranch and also work on getting over the women he thought he would marry, but she left town to marry someone else.
Joe does the next thing someone would do and that is put an ad online for a wife. After receiving many requests, he makes contact with Sophie Correia. She was left at the alter when her fiancé, groom left with her maid of honor. She wanted to start over but in a new place and figured Montana would be the right place.
When she arrives and meets Joe, she is taken with him by his good looks and by his wanting to do everything the right way. He gives her distance which at times she feels could be to much distance. The first few nights not everything goes well with his mother and she becomes more discouraged. Joe who is also feeling a disconnect must find a way to connect with Sophie. They both think that the other one is good looking and they each fall in love with the other one. It is just neither can express them to the other one. What makes this story different is when the one person she thinks does not like her his mother talks to her and helps her make that connection for her if she wants it.
This turns out to be a really good story of two people that find themselves and then love when they think they each have lost both. A very good book with good characters and some funny scenes. I received this book from Tule Publication, gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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