Driving Him Wild

DRIVING HIM WILD                                    ZARA COX

Photographer Jensen Scott is convinced his subject is just a pampered princess with a cold heart…but this ice queen is prepared to indulge his wildest desires!

Graciela Mortimer’s reputation precedes her: she’s rich, entitled, and far too beautiful, exactly like the woman who broke my heart. But here on a snowy Alaskan photoshoot in the wilderness, I’m starting to think she’s not what I first thought. In fact, she might just be the wake-up call I need.

After Graciela sends away her entourage in favor of an intimate one-on-one shoot with yours truly, a vicious blizzard sweeps through our camp and catches us unprepared. We’re forced to retreat to our cabin, with only each other for company. Perhaps Graciela could make me trust again…but will she let me in long enough to thaw her heart?


What a story this book turned out to be. Graciela Mortimer is preparing her staff for a photoshoot. The problem is when Jason Scott shows up, he does not agree to do the shoot. Everything is wrong. She is not used to things not going her way but agrees. She sends everyone on their way and stays with him and his sleds.
After some shots, they camp for the night, and at first, it turns into what they both had hoped for. He had wanted her to take control, she did but then he went and spoke of feelings which brought the whole experience to a halt. He ended outside of the tent instead of inside with her. She did not sleep any better but still did not want to deal with any of the emotions or feelings that he had brought up.
On their way to make her pick up point she will not make it due to a storm coming in. instead, they made it to his cabin and from there the story takes on a whole new life. You must really read this story to get the full effect of the book. The characters are good and the story is well done a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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