I Hate to Stand Alone: A Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance (Little Fall, #1)

I HATE TO STAND ALONE                         CASEY WINTER

The small town I ran away from. The Navy SEAL I'm supposed to hate. If I can get through this summer without falling for the off-limits alpha, I’ll consider myself lucky.

Steamy, intense chemistry … is just one of the things I shouldn’t be feeling for Luke Nelson, soldier turned security agency operative. His brother and I were high school sweethearts, but he broke my heart. Plus, our families hate each other, à la the Hatfields and the McCoys.

I return to Little Fall, Maine, to care for my sick mom. He returns to fulfill his brother’s last wish of reopening their mother’s roller rink. I spent half my childhood at Family Roller ... but never with him.

He was the older bad boy. I was the girl next door. Love was never an option. But now we can’t stop making eyes at each other.

As I reunite with old family and friends, I learn that Little Fall has just as many secrets as my heart. And even if I’m supposed to say no, my intrigue for dreamy, handsome, rugged Luke Nelson is off the charts.

It turns out I might have a second chance after all ... even if it’s with my ex-boyfriend's big brother.


I actually liked this story. Starts with Luke Nelson coming home to reopen the skating rink that his mother used to own, he first must put a lot of work into it. He really does not want to come back to the town he left from so many years ago. His dream was to leave, become a Navy Seal and he did that. He was not expecting to not be Seal.
The home he must deal with the past, mainly his father who is still alive and still dealing with the loss of his wife Luke’s mother. Luke never made it home for his brother's funeral so there is that. Then on top of everything else Hannah who has become a skating champion has returned home also. She is home because her mother has cancer, she wants to help her and spend time with her. She was also Luke’s brother's girlfriend. She is the one who broke his heart. When you get into the story you find out what really happened and it is the other way around.
She is torn as is Luke because both are attracted to each other, yet their families don’t like each other which neither knows why. She likes that he is opening the rink back up but he only does that he does not advertise. So, they continue to argue and makeup.
Once you get into the story all of the different characters from town help make the story move along. You find out what the problem is between his father and her mother. You find out who is doing destruction to the rink and why which was a surprise to me. You also find out that the two of them start to heal from their past. It takes coming home to begin the healing process.
This was a very good story and kept me entertained all the way through the book. I liked all of the different characters. I also liked how the author would have the two main characters not talk to each other at times for days or even weeks. This just added to the story for me. Overall a very good book. I received this from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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