Fashionably Date (Do-Over Date #5)

FASHIONABLY DATE                                   SUSAN HATLER

Hoping for a fresh start after her ex-fiancĂ© cheats on her before the wedding, supermodel Missy Peters moves to a new city and opens an upscale clothing boutique. When a puppy darts into traffic during her morning coffee run, Missy rushes to save the innocent pooch, only to be rescued herself when gym owner Nick Zambini pulls her out of harm’s way.

Nick is handsome, intelligent and witty, and his smile does crazy things to Missy’s belly. Ignoring her obvious attraction, she discovers their business goals are the same: to help people look and feel their best. When Nick suggests they join forces professionally, Missy is all for that enterprise, but she’s not ready to trust in more.

Will spending time with Nick entice Missy to risk her heart a second time? And will these two workaholics discover the most perfect venture of all is love?


A story of a second chance. That is Missy Peters has given up on love after her fiancé was caught cheating with her maid of honor. Now after leaving life as a model she has opened a clothing boutique. She has no desire for love, she does like her morning coffee and her friends.
Nick Zambini owns a gym and meets Missy one morning at the coffee cart. After an easy met and saving a dog and her from getting hit by a bicycle they slowly find time for one another. Nick also wants to somehow combine their two businesses in a cross-promotion which she likes as well. The two of them work well together and also seem to mesh as a couple. That is until an old feeling comes back for Missy which makes her run. Now, will she go back to Nick or allow her fears to keep her away. This is a very good book and was a quick read with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at

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