RESCUING YOU                                      SARAH TAYLOR

I’m a firefighter and nothing scares me. I’m used to danger and taking risks.
Who am I kidding? Relationships and getting close to women is something that really freaks me out.
There’s something about the girl in the nearby apartment that is changing that though. I’m attracted to her. I want her, but not the commitment.
So when she burns a pizza it’s a chance to get to know her a bit better.
Will she accept an invitation to spend the night?
Can I really be that guy who uses her for what I want and then dumps her?

My life revolves around the school I teach at and nothing is more important to me than my job.
I’m not the greatest cook, however, which is why my pizza burned in the oven that night and how I met the cutest guy ever.
Trouble is, he doesn’t want a full-on relationship and I understand his reasons.
I was cool with a one night stand and was prepared to let him be and carry on with my life. But who am I kidding?
I want him bad.
But how do I get him without being pushy and needy?

Are you craving a sweet insta-love story? No cliffhangers? Guaranteed HEA? Rescuing You is the perfect short, steamy read you've been waiting for.


Lucy is an elementary school teacher and lives next door to hunky, Cooper a firefighter. Coop has been jonesing after Lucy since she moved in. The minute he gets home he watches her come and go even scoping out her name at the mailboxes. Not a creeper though, wow!

Although, don’t think that the creeping is exclusive to Coop. Nope, not even a little. Lucy keeps tabs on his player's scorecard, she also knows that last weekend he brought home, two hits, and quits.

After, the burnt pizza at her home, things sizzle at his, although he makes it clear he doesn’t do relationships. But when he wakes, she is the one who has ducked out quiet as a mouse. That is usually his role, now it’s on him not sure how he feels, hum. She says okay to the one and done. So, she didn’t ghost him. See how well that works for them. When she slips and tells him, it makes him even more, intrigued by her.

This is an unbelievably cute quick story worth the read. I give this: 5 stars. I found this free on Amazon. 

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