Sweet and Smart College Graduate? Yep. Handsome Billionaire CEO? Yes, please. But can they find their HEA?

Brandon Mitchell is one of the world's most eligible bachelors. He has one rule, though: Don't fall in love. Then sweet and smart Ashley Sullivan applies for a job at his fashion magazine, and all bets are off. Before Saying I Love You: A Billionaire Sweet Romance is the amusing and heartwarming introduction to billionaire Brandon Mitchell and new career woman Ashley Sullivan. It is the prequel to the novel Saying I Love You: A Billionaire Sweet Romance, and an introduction to the New Adult Sweet Romance Series by Ellie J. Adams.

This Wheelhouse Publishers title was originally published as Looking for My Love (Sweet Romance edition) / Before You Seduce Me (Steamy Romance edition) by E.J. Adams for E.J. Adams Romance.


I really enjoyed the flow and the lightness of this writer’s writing. She makes you feel like your part of the scene and standing there listening to the conversation.

The relationship between Ashley and her current boyfriend Phil, when the book opens up, you knew was going to go nowhere. The minute he so clearly tells Chelsea how good she looks at the pizza place. Dude, you are having dinner with your girlfriend and all you have done is complained about something.

Chelsea her best friend is clearly one for a reason. The girl is a hoot. Talk the world’s smartest supporter she’s it. Everything about, Brandon, I liked it. He cares and loves his grandmother also loves and thrives at his work. Now, Ashley has appeared to have caught his eye. It was fine until the gala then it becomes the bum-rush.

You could feel like a part of Ash was excited but should I run. Stalker is what I would have thought. Anyway, seems rushed. I give this: 4 stars. Found this free on Amazon.

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