We will try to do weekly. Some of what is free books

Update: We will try to do weekly 

Some of what is free on Amazon


Please know that we are doing this during the pandemic only. We know money can be tight right now. Free is always nice. Remember when it is over that if you enjoyed an author to please support their hard work in mastering their crafts by buying the continuing series or other books they have. Please give the authors your reviews.


0-10 years


Mary K. Smith: Emerald the Mermaid



Amy Best: Hopper and Friends



Sholly Fisch: Scooby-Doo: Team up (2013-) #1-7 are free to start with this one then scroll down see the rest that is free.





9-12 years


Bill & Mia Belew: The Giant Forest



Brian Michael

Bendis: Avengers: Heroes Welcome #1



D. Stewart & Micela Stefano: Just Us Kids: Shipwrecked



Maureen Straka: The New Kid: Surviving Middle School Is Tough!





12-18 years


Eric Asher: Steamborn



L.E. Fitzpatrick: The Running Game



Jenny B. Jones: In Between



Lizzy Ford: Gabriel’s Hope #1

You can get #2 – 6 free to scroll down from here to see links.


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