Cowboy Strong (Longhorn Canyon #7)

COWBOY STRONG                                        CAROLYN BROWN

Alana Carey can out-rope, out-ride, and challenge even the best Texas cowboy. But she does have one soft spot -- and his name is Paxton Callahan. With Pax back in town, Alana's old feelings have returned with a vengeance. But she barely has time to process her attraction for the hunky cowboy before her father falls ill. All he wants is for her to marry and settle down before he passes away, and Alana isn't about to break a dying man's heart.

Paxton Callahan has been in love with Alana since...forever. Now that he's living right next door, the electricity between them is about to set the whole Texas panhandle on fire. When Alana presents him with a crazy proposal -- to pretend to be her fiancé so her father can die in peace -- Paxton can't refuse. But as the faux-wedding day draws near, Alana and Paxton must decide whether to come clean about their charade or finally admit their love is the real deal.


Alana Carey is every bit as tough as her male cowboy. She can still outshoot, ride, and even work most of them. One thing she cannot do is let down her father, so when he tells her he is dying she knows his wish is to see her married. That is at least one of them. She tells him that she and Paxton have been secretly dating and were planning on eloping later. Now they can have a wedding. First, she must go over to the ranch next to hers and see if she can get Paxton on board.
Paxton Callahan has been in love with Alana Carey since forever, even after she slapped him when they were thirteen when he kissed her. He has always been drawn to her and when she tells him everything he agrees. Once you get into the meat of the story you see that Paxton is doing everything, he can show her that he is in love with her but she still thinks that he is just doing it because of the argument. When a few surprises come up he surprises her by wanting to be with her and now he just needs to get her to see the light. A wonderful story from the beginning to the end with an outstanding epilogue. Very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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