Victoria is a SPOILED LITTLE BRAT who hates parties. But, when her best friend drags her to a get-together in a bad neighborhood, Victoria meets the ALPHA MALE of her dreams. Though an unconventional choice, he might just have what it takes to become her MAN OF THE HOUSE!

For those who like a little sugar with their SPICE! ;) <3


Things aren’t always what they seem and people we think are friends can change overnight. If enticed with the right kind of cookie. Which is what Victoria finds out when it comes to Natasha.

She had been noticing changes but, on this night, they are too strong to ignore. She is not just driving erratically to get to this party they are to go to, but she is taking them into the belly of the beast in their town. Not to mention the guy she is meeting and his friends are much older and kind of shady.

Then, on top of that, you add how outright crude they all are it is just baffling. Yet, she’s just a passenger. Only one set of eyes at the party catch her eyes that make her feel safe. Not sure why but they do.

This night does not turn out the way that she was planning for it to turn out at all. They are way off as to how we treat friendships anymore and it breaks her. But the guy with the eyes turns out to be the one to save her from something she would never have been able to get out of without his help. She comes to find out later his name is Mr. Lerner. Older than she is but not as old as you think.

A sexually charged, fast, and blunt look at pre-college to college-age persons. The characters believe it or not are a nice pairing. Free through Free July Month Giveaways. I give this: 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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