Cowboy Courage (Longhorn Canyon #6)

COWBOY COURAGE                                    CAROLYN BROWN

After spending years traveling the world with the military, Rose O'Malley is ready for a change. Heading back to Texas to hold down the fort at her aunt's bed-and-breakfast will give Rose just the break she needs. But while she may speak seven languages, she can't repair a leaky sink to save her life. When Hudson Baker strides in like a hero and effortlessly figures out the fix, Rose can't help wondering if the boy she once crushed on as a kid could now be her saving grace.

Hud has always been rock-solid and dependable-a quintessential cowboy to his core. But the moment Rose steps back into his life, his world is turned upside down by meddling family, a rescued baby, and one highly mischievous cat. Now he'll have to decide if it's time to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to convince Rose that by her side is exactly where he wants to stay.


Rose O’Malley is on leave from the military and she is holding down the fort at her Aunt’s B&B so her Aunt could go on a curse. Now back in a town that she had not been in since Jr. high she was surprised to see Hudson Baker, she was equally surprised to find out that he was not married. They each had a big crush on each other for the time she lived in town before her father moved them to a commune.
Hud came in handy for her because things started to break in the B&B though she could seven different languages she could not fix what was breaking. She also knew she was going to need to fix her heart as well because she did not know what to do with the feelings, she still felt for Hud.
Many different characters keep this story moving along with the arrival of another Aunt after she gets into a fight with her live-in boyfriend and that in itself is a story. Overall a good book and you do find out what she decides about either re-enlisting or staying. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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