Fake Play

FAKE PLAY                                              CARLA SWAFFORD

Connor Ellison, one of Atlanta Edge’s best wingers and biggest prankster, is given an ultimatum by the coaches and the PR department. He must stay married until the end of the run for the Cup or be available for trade.

Lily Jones wants nothing to do with the insane demand. But he convinces her the best decision is to play along. If they remain married and pretend to be in love, he offers to save her family’s ice rink from bankruptcy. Anyway, it’s only until the end of the hockey season. Then they can go their separate ways.

Easy-peasy. No way will they go to the finals. No way will they truly fall in love.

*no cliffhangers, standalone.


Connor Ellison is a prankster and one of the better hockey players when he has his mind on the game. He is also a PR nightmare with all of the things he does and he needs to stay out of the press. Well, that would be good and all but when he wakes up one morning in Vegas after a game and a News Years Party, he not only discovers Lily Jones in his bed but that they are also married.
Connor has a meeting with team management who express their frustration with him and all of his off the ice issues. He will need to stay married until after the season is over and hopefully they have won the cup, if not he will be gone. Now he must go talk things over with Lily to get her to agree to stay married.
He does this because he offers to help her and her father with the bills that have piled up since the accident her mother was in five years ago. She agrees. Really though the story turns when he goes to the rink that she owns with her father and he finds out that she played women’s hockey in college and was on her way to maybe the Olympic team when she left to help with her mother. When he watches her play goaltender he is amazed by her athletic ability, strength, flexibility, and size. The story begins to take off from here.
Yes, they have issues that they end up working through which is different than other fake marriage books. They also help each other deal with both being from hockey dads so they know what the other one is going through. Here in this book, you see a change in both characters and that is nice and made for a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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