Born to Fly

 BORN TO FLY                                           SARA EVANS

Sara Evans—a Billboard, ACM, and CMA Award-winning country music star who’s been named one of People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” and competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars—has been inspiring fans throughout her successful music career.

In this powerful, personal, and often humorous book, Sara opens up and shares stories from her career, describing what it’s like living in the spotlight and how her faith keeps her strong. She writes about overcoming life’s most challenging experiences, from a childhood accident that nearly took her life, to the loss she experienced when her parents divorced, and from her own painful and very public divorce to finding incredible love when she least expected it with former pro-quarterback-turned-sportscaster Jay Barker. Now, after over a decade of marriage, Sara and Jay’s blended family of nine is thriving, filling her life with focus and meaning.

As she weaves the narrative of her life, Sara candidly reveals the things that are most important to her and her family now, her favorite tips about staying true to herself and her faith, knowing when to ask for help, abandoning perfectionism, and the importance of a strong support group of friends and family. Fans old and new will enjoy this inspiring, heartfelt book.


I enjoyed this book I listened to her music years ago and so it was nice to read about certain parts of her life. Her childhood living on a farm and in a small town where good parts and overcoming being hit by a car was really something. Her speaking of music and how she got into the business part was also interesting as well as the whole radio if your song does not get played and then how she now has started her own label. Interesting about what she said about the music on the country radio about it being bro, I listened the other day and in between commercials there were nine straight male singers’ songs then another commercial, it just got me thinking about what she wrote about and how I never paid attention. Really a shame. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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