A Hero's Second Chance


She left without so much as a goodbye, but she was still the one woman I could never forget, and believe me I tried.

A second chance was never in the cards for us.

Then, after ten years, she walked into my office in her black, silk dress, looking like no time had passed at all.

It was late, I wasn't thinking clearly, and when she told me she was in trouble and had a problem that only I could help solve...

I'm not heartless, after all. So, how could I refuse?

My only challenge now is keeping my feelings and my desire in check. She's not mine to have, no matter how tempting, being close to her would be.

Unless... fate had other ideas.


I received this arc from the author for an honest review. A second chance romance story that does not start off that way. Melodie Sinclair for the past ten years has been working with her father and as much as he wants to control her life she still is fighting him. Telling the man he wants her to marry that she wants to break up she later sees him taken by a group of men in a black van. with no one else to turn to she goes to Tom Frasier the last man she thought she would ever see again. The ex-Navy Seal is shocked to see her for she ripped his heart out ten years ago. Now she is asking for his help. The story from here goes on to be fast-paced with a few twists and turns which were surprising, to say the least. he does find out why she broke it off with him ten years ago and you are hoping throughout that they can get back together at the end. Here the father is really a piece of work in the bad sense and for the rest of the story and characters, you will just have to read this story to find out what happens. A good story with good characters and very much worth the read. Follow us at

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