Dirty Tactics (The Dirty Thomas Siblings #1)

 DIRTY TACTICS                                      EMMA SALAH

Two weeks.

A trial period, in which hockey superstar Zac Quinn will prove to Reagan Thomas—his best friend’s younger sister and the one woman he can’t seem to keep his hands off of—that they can’t possibly date for real.

After all, the Thomas family is the only family he’s ever had. He can’t risk losing them, no matter how much he wants Reagan. She’s too important to him; he can’t let things get weird.

But Reagan has known they’re meant to be since forever. She’s not about to back down now.

If she has to play dirty to bring him around?

No problem.


A new author with a story of two childhood friends that shared a kiss when they were younger and have played it off liked it had meant nothing. Now years later as Regan Thomas who has been fighting her way through her family of male figures from her military father to her alpha brothers who are all pro athletes. She is dealing with her feelings for Zac Quinn who grew up with her family and plays pro hockey with her brother. Zac and she shared a kiss and other things, like video games and just an easy way to talk to each other. Now when the family gets together, they are starting to share more. She wants more from Zac but he wants to only have fun.
She comes up with an idea of dating for two weeks which he agrees with but after the first two dates she can tell something is up. She is also dealing with an issue at work as she is looking at becoming a sports agent she feels that the client she brought in is being taken away from her by a senior agent. Now needing to step up her game with not only work but with Zac as well, she also needs to show her family that she can take care of herself and it is up to her who she wants to be with.
Once she puts everything into action watch out, I really liked how her character grew in strength throughout the book. Also, for once you had a father tell his sons that it was better for her to like a friend that grew up around the family than some stranger, which is something as a father I always felt as well. I found this to be a really good story and she even got her issue with work solved in a way that was positive and strong. A very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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