Trying Not To Love You

TRYING NOT TO LOVE                                   AMABILE GIUSTI

 Penny Miller is lonely and bored. By day she works at a library; by night she mixes cocktails in a seedy neighborhood bar. At twenty-two, she’s given up her dreams of college and lives with her grandmother on the miserable outskirts of the city, longing for the kind of romance she reads about in books—love with a capital L.

Then Marcus Drake moves into the apartment upstairs. He’s nothing like the charming man of Penny’s dreams: he’s rude, covered in tattoos, and out on parole. He’s also sexy, and very, very dangerous.

There’s instant hostility between them, but when Penny has to turn to Marcus for help they come to an arrangement—and soon she’s struggling to keep it professional. Because with her traumatic memories and his dark past, her innocence and his passion, getting involved with Marcus might be what breaks her heart for good.


I found myself drawn to each of these characters once I started the book. Penny who lives with her grandmother and looks after her. I found myself liking the calm she was looking for. When she sees a new tenant to their apartment complex, she finds herself drawn to him though others are fearful of him she is not. She hires him as her bodyguard.
Marcus Drake has just been paroled and is waiting for his girlfriend Francesca to be paroled. Staying at an apartment he found he is hoping he can just make do until she is released. Seeing Penny has changed something in him and when his parole officer shows up, she announces that they are dating this is where the story really begins and you are taken on a ride of emotions highs and lows. You never know where the story is going that is what the beauty of this book was really about. The author captured everything from a woman taking care of her grandmother, to two people dealing with having been in foster care and not the good part. To a husband and wife grieving still for their child that they buried way too soon. Those were the real stories of the emotions tied to this book. When you finally get to the end I was hoping for more pages or at least an epilogue, that was just me. Overall a very good book with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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