FORBIDDEN                                            AUDREY KNIGHT

A strict professor. A shy but brilliant student. An attraction he can’t allow...

All I wanted was to survive hell-oh-one: the dreaded Physiological Psychology class that also happened to be crucial for my application into the psych graduate program...
And of course, the esteemed yet very intimidating Doctor Douglas who teaches the class is also on the graduate committee, so I better do everything I can to impress him.
My GPA can handle one bad grade, but not in his class.
Besides, I actually kind of love physiological psych, and I’ve been studying it pretty hard.
Some of my friends say I’m too much of a nerd and I should get a boyfriend and have more fun in college.
But I’m just too focused on schoolwork to ever be interested in any man.
At least, that’s what I thought...

I retired from my psychiatry practice because taking on the weight of so many troubled patients just became too much to handle.
When you reach a certain level of prestige in this profession, you have to separate yourself from the practice somehow...
And sure, I feel a bit guilty for stepping out of the war zone...but my colleagues assured me that my patient list was a task that no one should be forced to undertake.
Now I am determined to teach students going into the profession to be the absolute best they can be.
I won’t accept anything less.
They call my class hell-oh-one, but psychology is a profession that requires a lot of intelligence and discipline, and the sooner students learn that, the better.
I enjoy teaching students.
I enjoy my academic research.
I enjoy my quiet bachelorhood.
And nothing is about to change that.
That was until Olivia Andrews stepped foot in my class...

This short and sexy romance is a standalone forbidden joyride with an unexpected twist.
Guaranteed to leave you with butterflies and a happily ever after you won’t forget.


It’s Olivia’s junior year of college and she has decided to take the basics, which she has worked out this way to make it easier on herself. Reason being she is taking psych three-oh-one this semester with Dr. Simon Douglas.

The past two years he has been stressing out every student who has taken the class. Thank goodness for them it is only for one semester. After talking with a friend who told her to just blend in and keep her head down. She feels a little more prepared but not much. She is still nervous.

For this shy girl with low self-esteem keeping her head low will not be hard to do. For the professor who had a practice for many years, he found it natural to profile the behavior of the students. Liv did not fit hers, which on day one, singled her out. She carries herself as a shy & studious, a real beauty yet, yet she tried hard to hide it with the way she dressed and the big glasses she wears. She did not succeed.

You see Liv is actually a gorgeous woman who doesn’t believe it. Although Mel her bestie tells her all the time. As both teacher and student profile, each other emotions change. See where and if these two try or even choose to act on their emotions or if another student or two want revenge and pose threats to start a rumor to the effect of improper behavior between professor and student to get Liv to do their homework.

     What I enjoyed about this story is no ethics were broken. Yes, the man was older but Liv had her own mind and used it wisely. Emotionally I think they were equals in a lot of ways. They were both over twenty-one and made their choices to be socially awkward together. I give this: 4 stars. Found this free on Amazon.

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