BIG BAD SUGAR DADDY                      K.C. CROWNE

For a guy running a multi-million dollar dating company...
I really should have relationships in the bag.
But now that my best friends sis is back...
I've come to realize just how much I've been missing.

Our families go way back.
And I've always had a sweet spot for little Stephanie.
Which is why this is all so... unexpected.
And the craziest part is she works for me!

Even the sway of her hips leaves my mouth watering...
It’s wrong…
And forbidden.

As much as I want to be her sugar daddy and show her off to the world, we'll have to keep everything quiet.

But this little secret of ours can’t stay little for very long - when this wild office romance takes me to a sonogram appointment I’ll never forget.

Readers, please note: This book was previously published under the title "Knocked up by my Brother's Best Friend."


Your first let down from your first crush is when you realize their not all that thought they would be. That is exactly what happens to Stephanie. She had always been a girl with low self-esteem. She was the girl that was tall, thin, and no shape.


She finally decided to attend the dance and asked Tony her brother to ask Jake to take her. He agrees and she is so excited when he did. Until they arrive and his girlfriend is there waiting to greet them. Not only that she hears him tell the guys she’s nothing to him but his buddy’s pesky little sister.


Stephanie couldn’t wait for Jake to leave for college never realizing she would never see him again for nine years. When she is surprised when she arrives at her parents for dinner and her high school English teacher is there, and as soon as she turns around, she sees Jake. No, longer a boy but a man. A billionaire, no less.


Jake is blown away by the transformation of Stephanie. She has this gorgeous hourglass figure that is full and has sexily filled out. Her hair falls just below her shoulders and her hazel eyes are piercing. Amazing.


Standalone read. Sexy bantering and bedroom scenes. The couple is torn at wanting to say those three little words but Jake's background it’s a hindrance. So, he risks losing her and she walks away.


I enjoyed this book a great deal. Although I think she could have put two and two together, a little faster with her wanting to be a reporter. Then there was being a doormat when it came to doing what he wanted and being what he wanted. So, that is the only thing I was proud of her when she finally had the guts to walk away. I give this: 4 stars.  Found free on Amazon.

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