Free Books: New Adults-Adults


Free Books



Redemption Lake #1


The Sasha McCandless Set (1-3)


Big Ben (See No Evil Trilogy #1)




Shaking the Tree #1


Agent Zero #1 (Spy Thriller)


Primary Target #1 (Action Triller)



Humorous Mystery


In for a Penny


Kitty Confidential



New Adult


Rumor Has It


Delicate #1


Dating Game Fake Relationship


Playing for Keeps


Heartbreak Beat



Interracial Couples


Be My Always (BWWM)


My Brother’s Best Friend (BWWM)


The Summer, I Loved You (BWWM)


Big Ben (See No Evil Trilogy #1)



Romantic Suspense


Do You Want Me


Someone Else’s Daughter #1


Rafe #1


Black Water #1 (Psychic Suspense)



Romance Shorts: Curvy Women



Igniting For You (Alpha Firefighters)


Irwin (Alpha Maverick Brigade #1)


Blaze: Firefighter Insta Love #2


Romance in the Rain: An Alpha Male #1





Hot Boy: Second Chance (Firefighters)


Jack (Pattern Bodyguards Book #1)


Cupids Quest #1


Road to Recovery #1


Billionaire Revived #1


Bearly Denable #1 (Shifter)


Pretend I’m Yours: A Fake Marriage


Accidental Engagement (Short)

(The free sample of the reading of part of this was so funny take a listen.)

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