Free Books: Ages: 3-18


Free Books

Ages: 4-7

4-6: What will it be Penelope

3-6: Izzy the Very Bad Burglar


3-6: How to Trap a Leprechaun

4-7: Mary had a Lizard



Teens: Parents you know your child and your own standards, please check synopsis first before suggesting to your child.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire (Short)


The Un happening of Genesis Lee




Wreck: A Novel


Summer Unplugged #1


Taming Zach

Summer Alone #1


The Dragon’s Blood Set (1-3)


Immortal Vegas Set (0-3)


Dragon Knights Anthology


A King’s Pride: A Lion Shifter (Paranormal)



We do realize how hard it is for a lot of households with so many being out of work. We hope that these lists (adults next) will help at least give the kids some enjoyable reading and quiet time. If, you can please remember to leave a review if the kids like it. Also, when you get back on your feet, that you might continue to remember the different authors on these lists and be repeat customers.

My hubby and I get nothing at all for this we just enjoy reading and we have always encouraged our children and granddaughter to read. It can open many doors for them at school and in their imaginations too.


Now, sorry to tell you will not be seeing us on Instagram anymore and we are still debating on Facebook since they own both now. They have frozen us out of both accounts for spamming and for being a business. Saying we added the same book too many times. I will say it may have been seen on my personal page twice only because of the way they changed their set up again. And Amazon froze me out because I named another book bank that provides me with the books for the different publishers to source them out. All happening within weeks of each other. We are sorry if we were. It's just we do read a lot and now what else is there.

Now, I will say we did add several books at a time but we read a lot of books. But we have had our blog since 2013 and have been doing it the same way since then. I kid you not since then every time I go on, I never know what they have changed next. I am always learning a new way of having to post and get it seen. 

They are always promoting their business side which I never looked at and they might be made because of that. But we went from hundreds of people getting to see our blog down to 20 then over a course of weeks it would build-up to the 60ish. Found out that of the over 300 likes we have they would only allow about 25 a day see them. So now when I got on just to look to see what is happening they have just about pulled everything we have done since we have started.

I have to say this has been eating me up and affecting my health over it. All we have ever wanted to do is promote reading and independent authors. It is really funny that this all came about on the day that I posted the free reads for you all. I did notice since I have a lot of authors that I get the newsletters that Amazon has now launched their own free website for free books for which you must sign up for.

So, for now, and maybe always we will only be posting here on Pinterest, Twitter, and BookBub, I do have Goodreads also.



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